Board Members

Jean Burg, MD is Abby’s mother—and so grateful for the 24 years she had to nurture and to love her. Jean is inspired by Abby’s spirit, empathy and her love of life. Abby and her mother shared a love of music, spending many hours singing together in harmony. Jean works in emergency medicine and hospice and palliative care in Bronx, NYand has spent her entire medical career working with underserved communities.

David Burg (1950- 2020) was Abby’s father. David was the founder and president of WildMetro, a non profit organization dedicated to protecting nature where we live.  He was particularly interested in preserving natural areas in urban environments. He also focused on creative ways of transforming economics and politics to create a more moral society.

Ken Rosenthal, JD knew his niece, Abby all her life, watching her grow as the youngest member of her generation of the extended Rosenthal clan. Ken observes that even in her early teens, Abby exhibited a special bond with, and a caretaker’s affinity for the next, younger generation—and how she blossomed into a striking young adult, bound for a life and career of working with children from all backgrounds. Ken has been a trial lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut for the past 35 years, concentrating in civil and criminal defense litigation on behalf of wrongly incarcerated persons. He is pleased to be part of the new energy infusing the board of Abby’s Children, continuing Abby’s life work and fulfilling her promise.

Dana Campos, JD and Abby instantly hit it off as friends on their first day at Tufts University. They spent their four years creating indelible memories together—working at the campus coffee shop, studying for a year in Buenos Aires, traveling to Japan, and teaming up to co-create and host an arts/education program for local Latino youth as their Senior Capstone project. Abby moved to Dana’s home state of Texas upon graduating—where these kindred spirits continued their close friendship and collaboration. Dana is an attorney in Washington, DC, where she volunteers with and offers pro bono legal services to numerous nonprofit organizations that aim to enrich the lives of underserved communities. Dana holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Texas—Austin and a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School.

Riley Kim, PharmD quickly became friends with Abby during freshman year at Tufts, then lived together with her almost all through college—from Haskell 230′s to Buenos Aires to Lowden Avenue. Although the two differed in work passions, they bonded over traveling and foods from around the world. It was also through Abby that Riley really got to know and fall in love with New York City. After working in Finance in NYC, Riley returned to get her doctorate in Pharmacy. She currently works in Digital Medical Affairs at a pharmaceutical company, helping to inform healthcare providers with the latest science and medical information.

Advisors to the Board

Breese McIlvaine Arenth met Abby in a Peace and Justice class during their Freshman year at Tufts University—yet, their close friendship evolved while studying abroad together, in Buenos Aires. Breese is an international development professional currently working for PATH—while pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the University of Washington. She proudly serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors of Abby’s Children.

Marcelo Norsworthy befriended Abby when they were undergraduates at Tufts. Abby and Marcelo journeyed together through college, including a year abroad in South America, and their early professional careers in Austin, Texas. Marcelo works on international economic policy in the federal government.