Our Mission, Grants & Work


Enhancing the lives of underserved children.

We are acutely aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic is making our already challenging mission even more so. In response, we are constantly reassessing the needs of underserved children in context of the current pandemic, in order to best serve our constituents.


Learn how Abby’s Children grants are currently enhancing the lives of at-risk children.

Applicants may apply for a grant from Abby’s children at our secure Google portal by clicking below.

Abby’s Children is proud to donate to “FRIDA University – Summer 2014″


Freethinking, Reflective, Imaginative, Developing Artists (FRIDA), Inc. is an arts education non-profit organization that sparks the intellectual and artistic curiosity of middle school students. FRIDA uses art to promote higher education by offering summer programs, sponsoring community galleries, and providing mentoring opportunities for South Texas youth. Since its founding in 2006, FRIDA, Inc., has provided educational and artistic services to over 500 middle school students.


Abby’s Children is proud to donate to “FRIDA University- Summer 2014.” This program will take place in July of 2014 and will work with 30 underserved 8th graders from South Texas. The program will be led by a volunteer staff compromised of 15 college students, educational mentors, and art students.

FRIDA University reaches at-risk, low-income 8th graders of the Rio Grande Valley – with the intent of introducing participants to higher education by creating a curriculum that mimics that of a university and includes art-based “Majors” and “Minors.” Each Major focuses on a different theme including Self-Expression and Social Movement, and each Minor provides them with the outlets and mediums–such as acrylics, photography, sculpture, and drawing– to execute final pieces relating to their respective Major. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to stay overnight at the campus dormitories, thus gaining a sense of independence and responsibility.

Through this program the students are encouraged to think about what the future holds for them and their potential. Oftentimes the participants are in the position to be first generation college students and FRIDA University grants them to opportunity to consider that possibility. Throughout the program, participants are also given the task of completing art pieces that are completely their own and completely unique, with resources that many have never encountered before. They spend several days creating their piece and ultimately learning to build confidence in their thoughts and form of expression. Their pieces are showcased at a Gallery at the end of the summer where the participants have the opportunity to stand by their art and talk to their peers and guests about their inspiration and the message they have for their community. Their art continues to travel throughout the community for the following six months.

YPC Tour Scholarships

Abby’s Children provides tour scholarships to choristers in the Young People’s Chorus of NYC (YPC). This funding enables choristers who would not otherwise be able to participate, to travel with the YPC to international choral competitions. In the Spring of 2014, the YPC will travel to Basel, Switzerland as the only non-European chorus invited to participate in the 9th European Festival of Youth Choirs.

Abby sang with the YPC from age 11 – 18. The YPC is a multicultural youth chorus that “harnesses the power of music to fulfill the potential of every child.”


Abby’s Children is sponsoring the BookWorks book club for students pursuing their GED at LifeWorks in Austin, TX. The idea for this project was born of conversations between youth in the GED program and the LifeWorks staff with whom they work. The goal of the book club is to increase literacy skills and foster a sense of community among the members of the GED program.

The book club will consist of 10 students who will read a total of 8 books, each, during the calendar year—while meeting together to share and reflect on both the books and their experiences. Assistance from Abby’s Children will help provide the books for the book club members and supplies for each group meeting.